Riff Raff Mcgriff Featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow “Tell Em” Remix

Make sure to cop this Riff Raff McGriff & Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix of Tell Em/ Rhythms of the forest Limited edition HERE. Limited edition of 300 only so act fast!    

Points Of Ellipses – Adaption EP

Make sure you grab this free EP “ADAPTION” from the fam Points Of Ellipses. The crew consist of Dopamine Rush, AJ Briones, Blah, S.O.W., DJ Yeti & Preme. They crafted together this masterpiece which, just recently, caught the attention of King T and officially made them the newest members of Likwit crew! Def worth vibing out […]

Jpro’s KOTD Debut vs Aftershock

In case you missed it. Jpro flew out to Toronto, Canada to battle Aftershock & the outcome wasn’t what Aftershock expected. Watch for yourself. Stay tuned for Jpro’s next KOTD battles: “Resurgence” Jan. 12th vs KG The Poet in Pasadena & “Blackout III Jan. 26th against Sun Tzu in Toronto.

Jpro vs. Dirtbag Dan

Well here it is!! You’ve all been waiting for it and it has finally arrived! JPro & Dirtbag Dan go head to head in an all out West Coast battle. Props to both emcees on a great battle! Big ups                               […]

A&B LA Presents JPRO vs. Hardcastle

Well Jpro keeps wiping them out like those weak ass foot soldiers that turn to dust when you hit em! hahaha this shit gets funnier and funnier. The best part is Hardcastles last round when he gives up & tells Jpro his bars are tight in his freestyle. Make sure to check out Jpro vs […]

Riff Raff McGriff – Because I’m Wack [MixTape]

RIFF RAFF MCGRIFF (Epsilon Project) releases his 1st installment of many “Because I’m Wack” mixtapes. He takes us through the journey of a wack rapper named Lil Cappa (Riff Raffs alter ego) along with some dope tracks with the help of Fellow Epsilon Project member JPRO, ROC C, POK DOG, KANKICK, C-PLUS & CONFIDENTIAL. Make […]

A&B Presents Jpro vs. Tino

We have another one for you! Jpro goes up against Tino in a pretty good battle! Tino started out strong and seemed like he would be a problem but gassed out after the 1st round. Props to both emcees!

Catch Lungs Feat. One Be Lo – Hooliganry [Official Video]

New Catch Lungs Feat. One Be Lo – Hooliganry  Catch & One Be Lo ride over this bass heavy, trunk hitting gem. wonder who the producer is.. Sounds like it could be Aspect One on the boards but regardless the joint’s Dope. The Director captured some nice black & white visuals of the city along […]

A&B Presents: Jpro vs. Dosia

Well Jpro had to battle 2 cats this past Saturday & this was one of his victims lol Sit back and watch as Jpro does goes to work. Peace to Dosia but damn!! Warning: Its pretty bad!

Jpro vs. Taz (Grind Time Battle)

Jpro’s second battle wasn’t really much of a challenge for him. Taz came fucked up causing a murderfest for Jpro (2-0)! Anyways, props to both Emcees. (Watch as Taz becomes dazed after Jpro’s 1st round lol)