Epsilon Project (EP) is a collective of three emcee’s, three emcee/producers and a DJ. Members of the crew include, Dex (a.k.a. Riff Raff McGriff), J-Pro, Unxpect, MP (a.k.a. Antidote), calmplex, Verb-T and DJ Armani.  As Oxnard, CA natives, the crew stakes its flag with fellow “Ox City” alum, Lootpack (Madlib, Wildchild, DJ Romes), Kankick, Roc C, MED and OhNo.

Although EP began as two solo emcees, two groups and a separate production team, the crew has since concentrated its efforts, with Dex repping the crew on the solo tip, and the remaining members holding down EP on the group front. In June of 2007, EP dropped its first full length release,Raising the Bar.  Okayplayer.com described the album’s production as “sample-heavy” and “slightly dirty,” “reminiscent of Slum Village’s finest moments” while Rapreviews.com added “Raising the Bar has become one big, screaming wake-up call for the heads still sleeping.”  Reaching #7 on the Spectre Independent Radio Charts, EP spent the remainder of 2007 and early ‘08 on stage, opening shows for artists like KRS-1, De La Soul, Wildchild and The Liks.

EP’s strength is definitely its high energy performances; however, having heard several tracks from the stables upcoming releases (yes, releases with an S), what separates the crew is definitely their diverse content and style.  “Everyone in the group has their own ideas, sometimes we follow the leader, other times we meet in the middle but mostly we just run off in our own directions. There’s no plan.”

What you can plan on is hearing much more of Epsilon Project in the future. Stay tuned.

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