…Download Bang Ya Head III, MED’s New Mixtape NOW!…

MED – Bang Ya Head III (Mixed by DJ Romes) Full Version via Vtech
Split Version (from Chi2LA23 via 2dopeboyz.com)


1) Intro -prod by JRocc

2) Advice – LMD prod by Madlib

3)Misunderstood -MED prod by Madlib

4) Candlelight -MED feat/prod by Georgia Anne Muldrow

4) 50,000 Watts -MED prod by Soul Professa

5) Salute – J Rocc/MED feat WildChild & Baby Boogalu

6) Fall Back – Fred feat Med/Pok prod by FRED

7) R.E.M -Epsilon Project Feat MED prod by Oddisee

8 ) West Iz Back -MED prod by Khalil

9) Saga Cont. -Babu feat MED prod by Babu

10) O.U.T -Matt feat MED prod by Matt

11) Listen -Descry feat MED prod by Descry

12) Outro Prod by JRocc feat Daru Jones on the drums

Mixed By Dj Romes, Artwork by Plann B


About Epsilon Project

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2 comments on “…Download Bang Ya Head III, MED’s New Mixtape NOW!…

  1. Next time cut the mixtape into tracks.. ughghgh!!!! wtf?? are you serious ?

    • …that’s how VTECH released it… which we posted… still a good listen to run through… but head on over to 2dopeboys.com where the homie Chi2LA23 split them for those in need… I’ve also updated the post to link directly to them… thanks for your support.

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